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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 8 Rental Assistance


1) Are you HUD? No, The Parkersburg Housing Authority administers the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program which is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

2) How much rent will I have to pay? Your portion will be based on approximately 30% of your monthly adjusted income.

3) How is bedroom size determined? Bedroom size is determined by number of household members. Children of opposite sex will each qualify for a separate bedroom. If children of the same sex are more than six years apart, they will qualify for separate bedrooms. Adults living together that are not considered a couple will each be awarded a bedroom. Couples living together will be awarded a single bedroom. 

4) Is Section 8 transferable? Section 8 is transferable through the portability option as long as the receiving Housing Authority has a Section 8 Program.

5) How long will my contract last? An initial contract is for one year from the time the assistance starts, not when you move in. After your first year, the contract will renew based on renewal terms listed in the lease agreement between you and your landlord. Tenants are not permitted to move within the first year of their contract. 

6) What income is counted to determine eligibility? All income earned in the household by adult members (age 18 or over). This includes but is not limited to: Wages, SS, SSI, TANF, Child Support, and Alimony.

7) Who is responsible for paying the utilities? Persons responsible for payment of utilities will be specified in the lease agreement.

8) How old do you have to be to qualify? You must be at least 18 years of age or emancipated by state law to qualify for Section 8 Rental Assistance.

9) Do you have to have children to qualify? You do not have to have children to qualify for Section 8 Rental Assistance. All applicants are given "family" status regardless of the size of household. Eligibility is based on income, not family size.

10) Do you have to be a US citizen? You have to be a legal citizen of the United States or have eligible immigration status to qualify for Section 8 Rental Assistance.

11) Who is responsible for paying the security deposit and the first month's rent?  The tenant is always responsible for the security deposit and responsible for rent until the assistance begins. (Assistance begins according to deadline dates you received on your voucher).

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Public Housing

1) Do you accept HUD? No. The types of money, which are to be used as income for purposes of calculating the total tenant payment, are defined by HUD in federal regulations.

2) What will my rent be? Total tenant payment is 30 percent of the family's monthly adjusted income.

3) Who is responsible for the utilities? Homecrest Manor Apartments will provide gas, water, sewer, and trash. The tenant is responsible for the electricity.

4) How long is the waiting list? Applicants are pulled from the waiting list according to the date and time of their completed application. The waiting list is also determined by the amount of applicants, the bedroom size required, and availability of the required bedroom size. The length of time will vary for each individual family. 

5) Do you offer emergency assistance? No. Homecrest Manor Apartments does not offer emergency assistance under any circumstances. All applicants are housed in order of the date and time of their completed application.

6) Do you do credit checks? We do request a credit report at times when it is needed to verify residential history. We do not determine housing based on credit history.

7) When may I pick up an application? Applications are available Monday -Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm, except holidays in our office

8) How long is your lease? Our leases are for a one-year term. After the first year, the lease will automatically become month-to-month.

9) How much is the security deposit? The security deposit is currently $200.00.

10) How many bedrooms do you have? Homecrest Manor Apartments offers a variety of bedroom sizes ranging one to five bedrooms. 

11) Can I qualify for an apartment if I am currently unemployed? Yes, you would qualify for an apartment if you are currently unemployed. However, we do offer incentives for working families.

12) How old do you have to be to qualify? You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for housing.

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Home Ownership Program

) What are the qualifications? You must have at least three members in your household and meet income guidelines. 

2) How much is the security deposit? There is no security deposit. 

3) Do you run a credit report? Yes.  You must have an acceptable credit history or one that can be improved within the two-year lease-to-purchase period.

4) Do I have to be employed? Employment is not required however, you must be able to verify a reliable source of income that would place the family within the required income guidelines. If a family member is employed, he/she is required to be at their current job for at least one year.

5) What if I have filed for bankruptcy? You can still qualify if it has been two (2) years past the discharge.

6)  What is the escrow account?  Every month,  50% of the rental payment will be placed into an escrow account to be applied toward down payment and closing costs.  

7)  How much will the house cost?  The home will be sold to the family based upon fair market value.  The family will not pay more than 30-35% of gross income towards the mortgage.

8) Will I receive Homeownership counseling? Yes, you will be required to participate in a Homebuyer's Club. The Homebuyer's Club will offer credit, budgeting, financing, and home maintenance counseling.

9) Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the home during the two-year lease to purchase period? The family will be responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the home.

10) Is the family allowed to paint or remodel the home during the lease to purchase program? We ask that the family  does not make any major changes to the home until they have purchased the home. 

11) Is the family allowed to have pets? Yes, in accordance with the Parkersburg Housing Authority's Pet Policy.